Hi, my name is Devin Powers. I am a Civil Engineering graduate from Michigan State University. I am looking to use my academic background in engineering and mathematics to work in a data-driven business/engineering role. I am passionate about continuing to develop programming competence as I see the ever-changing impact technology is having on the future.

I have a tremendous passion for learning and plan to use my website as a blog of everything that I have worked on and currently working on.



  • Python, C++
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Software Development
  • Michigan State Basketball & Football

  • Self-Exploration, Self-Empowering

2020 Learning Goals:

  • Programming Language (Python) X
  • Discrete Mathematics X
  • Data Structures and Algorithms X
  • Basic SQL, Machine Learning, and data science/analysis X
  • Yoga and Meditation

2021 Learning Goals:

  • Computer Architecture and Computer Systems

  • Operating Systems

  • Work on bigger Projects in Python and C++