Collection of Stats notes and Homework (example problems)

  • I followed along with Professor Leonard Statistics Lectures on Youtube. I use to watch his Calculus 1-3 in undergrad, one of the best Professors for math on the internet!

  • I also used the book Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences

  • Statistics is probabaly the most important math that is useful for any engineering or business job/career

Chapter One: Descriptive Stats

  • mean/median/mode

Notes on Descriptive Stats

Chapter Two: Frequency Distribution and Histograms

  • Histograms
  • Relative Frequency

Notes on Frequency Distribution and Histograms

Chapter Three: Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions

  • Given an experiment and a sample space S, the objective of probability is to assign to each event A a number P(A), called the probability of the event A, which will give a precise measure of the chance the A will occur.

  • Random Variables
  • Binomial Probability Distribution

Notes on Probabilty

Chapter Four: Continuous Random Variables and Probability Distributions

  • Standard Normal Distribution
  • Z-Scores (Standard Score)
  • Central Limit Theorem

Notes on Continuous Random Variables

Chapter Five: Joint Probability Distributions and Random Samples

Chapter Six: Point Estimation

Chapter Seven: Confidence Intervals

  • Confidence interval for sample mean, population standard deviation -KNOWN
  • Confidence interval for sample mean, population standard deviation -UNKNOWN
  • Confidence interval for Variance and Standard Deviation Chi-Squared Distribution

Notes on Confidence Intervals

Chapter Eight: Tests of Hypotheses Based on a Single Sample

Notes on Hypotheses Tests

Chapter Nine:

Chapter Ten:

Chapter Eleven:

Homework/Example Problems

Chapter One Homework

Chapter Two Homework

Chapter Three Homework

Chapter Four Homework

Chapter Five Homework

Chapter Six Homework

Chapter Seven Homework

Chapter Eight Homework