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Zoom Data Engineering Part 2

11 minute read

In this section I will extract data from the source and upload it to our Data Warehouse in Google. Which covers topics such as Data Lake and Pipeline Orchest...

Looking at COVID-19 Data

2 minute read

Lets work with building a API that takes covid data in csv form from a website (John Hopkins Data from Github) and into a database. Then lets plot some of th...


2 minute read

FastAPI Tutorial

LRU Cache

1 minute read

For Buffer Replacement policy in database

Linked List Problems

13 minute read

Many of these problems involving linked lists can be solved using either a runner or recursion.

Function Pointers and Callbacks C/C++

4 minute read

Function pointers can be passed as arguments to functions and then a function that would receive a function pointer as an argument can call back the function...

Function Pointers in C/C++

less than 1 minute read

Function Pointers are used to store address of functions, we’ve used pointers to point to data (variables)

C++ Design Pattern

2 minute read

Week One (Overview of Course): Step Assignments: About 6 Design Assignments: About 10

Data Science Take home Project

less than 1 minute read

Here’s a take home assignment I did for a company, I used Jupyter Notebook (Python) to read the given CSV file, performed Chi-Squared Test of Independence an...

Big Data Analysis

less than 1 minute read

Start just “Basic” –> “Advance” Big Data Analyis

Raspberry Pi

less than 1 minute read

Newest Purchase, about to start learning Linux and Machine code

Learning C++

less than 1 minute read

Starting to Learn C++, I understand how important learning a lower-level programming langauge is, so here is my page that ill be updating daily:

Discrete Math

less than 1 minute read

Mostly finished uploading all my notes and HW from Discrete Mathematics


less than 1 minute read

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work.”