DB Interal Introduction

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Data Storage and IO Models

Buffer Manger and File Organization

External Sorting

File Organization

What we will cover

  1. File Organization

  2. Page Organization

  3. Column Stores

  • The disk (low low level) is organized into files

  • Files are made up of pages

  • Pages contain records

File operations are on records

  • insert/delete/modify record
  • Read a particular record (record id)
  • Scan all records

Ways to Organize:

Unordered (Heap) Files

  • Simplest file structure that contains records in no particular order, as the file grows and shrinks, the disk pages are allocated and de-allocated.

  • Heap File as a list is a doubly linked list

Page Organization: Page Formats

  • Page is a collection of records remember

  • Slotted page format is when a page is collection of slots and each slot contains a record

  • We need support for searh, insert, delete records on a page

There are two possible ways of representing the records:

  • Fixed-Length Records
  • Variable-Length Records

Fixed-Length Records

Record id = <page id, slot#>

Packed vs. Unpacked Organization

Packed Organization are always stored in the first N slots while unpacked use a bitmap to locate records in a page.

Variable Length Records

Coloumn Stores