Big Data Analysis Day 4: SQL and NoSQL

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Databases and How to store Data into a Database

What is a Database?

  • A collection of related data

What is a Database Management System (DBMS)?

  • A collection of programs that enable users to create and maintain a database

  • Examples: MS Access, MySQL, Postgres, sqlite (these are relational DBMS)

What is SQL?

  • SQL or Structured Query Language is a Language provided by relational DBMS to:
    • Create a Table
    • Alter the schema of a table
    • Insert and delete data records into and from a database
    • Query a table (ask the DB a question about a set of data)

Basic SQL Commands

  • ETC

Theres a tutorial using SQLite and Python post on my website

Using MySQL with Python


NoSQL standds for Not only SQL

MongoDB is an open-source, document database, which is the most popular database used for modern apps

Difference between SQL and NoSQL?