Intro to C++

I plan on posting notes here with some basic projects to show my understanding of concepts in C++

After Learning Python the past year, C++ syntax looks so funky, but after a few weeks, it’s not too bad! so far..

Week 1: C++ and Types

Intro to C++

  • Variables, Literals, and Constants
  • Data Types (Int, Strings, Char)
  • Basic Input and Output
  • Type Conversion

Week 2: Control Conditionals and References

Operators to C++

  • Operators (adding, dividing, etc)

Control in C++

  • if statements, for loops, switch, and while loops
  • break and continue

References in C++

  • References vs Pointers

Week 3: Functions

Functions in C++

  • Intro to Functions
  • Function Types and Overloading
  • Function Return
  • Recursion

Week 4: Strings and Type Modifers

  • Chars (‘’) and Strings (“”)
  • Type Modifers
    • const

Week 5: Functions and Multiple File Compilation (working with Headers)

  • Working with Declerations and Definitions

Working with Multiple Files (Headers) in C++

Week 6: Vectors, Exceptions, and String Stream (importing txt files)

Input and output

  • Opening Files (txt) and writing to files

Working with txt files and Streams

  • Reading txt file, using getline() and ifstreams

  • ostringstream and istringstream


  • Working with vectors
  • How to print vectors
  • 2-D vectors

Handling Errors in C++

  • try and catch

Week 7: Generic Algorithms and Iterators

Basic Algorithms

  • Non-Modifying: find, find_if, search, accumulate

  • Modifying: copy, transform

  • Removing

  • Mutating (elements) : sorting

  • Lambdas

Iterators in C++

  • iterating using Strings and Vectors
  • iterating using Maps and Sets

Week 8: Associative Containers and Streams


  • Pairs, make_pair,
  • Maps
  • Different way to insert into a Map


  • Set Union, Set intersection, and Symmetric Difference

IO Streams

  • Buffers
  • istream and ostreams
  • File Streams

Week 9: Introduction to Classes

  • Introduction to Composition, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism


Week 10: More on Classes

Constructors in C++

  • Constructors
  • Different Examples
  • explicit

Week 11: Encapsulation

Encapsulation in C++

  • Getters and Setters
  • Abstraction
  • Friend functions
  • Operator Overload in C++
  • Intro the Rule of Three

C++ this pointer

  • working with this pointer in C++
    • For classes/objects
  • Pointer to C++ Classes

Const member functions

  • const member functions

Overloaded Operators in C++

  • Examples of Overloaded operators in C++

Intro to Rule of Three

Week 12: Arrays

  • Define, Declare and Accessing Arrays
  • Data Structures
  • Arrays and Pointers
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Dynamic Memory
  • Leaking Memory

Arrays in C++

Week 13: Even more on Classes

More on Classes

  • More on Rule of Three Review
  • Composite Class
  • Bad Dynamic Memory Class
  • Fixing Bad Memory
  • Templates and Classes
  • Templated Friends

Week 14: Finshing up

  • Wrapping up C++
  • What I haven’t cover yet




  • What are Pointers?
  • What is the Difference Between Pass By Pointer and Pass By Pointer Reference (int * and int * &) C++
  • What is the Difference Between Pass By Value, Pass By Reference, and Pass By Pointer, C++
  • What is the Difference Between a Pointer and a Reference C++

Random Labs

Vector Lab


Project 1

Project One

Objectives: Intro to C++, Input and Output, using Data Types

Goal: Simple Program to input temperature and convert it

Project 2

Project Two

Objectives: Loops, Conditionals

Goal: Hyper number solver

Project 3

Project Three

Objectives: Loops, Conditionals, and the introduction of Functions

Goal: Create a function that performs different math equations

Project 4

Project Four

Objectives: Working with Strings and more on Functions

Goal: Create a program that will encode a sequence of strings!

Project 5

Project Five

Objectives: Working with Strings, Functions, Multiple Files (header files)

Goal: Creating a Four-Square Cipher to hide a messsage!

Project 6

Project Six

Objectives: Working with Vectors, Functions

Goal: Creating another Decoding thing

Project 7

Project Seven

Objectives: Working with importing text files, Maps, and Sets

Goal: Connect and Disconnect from Servers

Project 8

Project Eight

Objectives: Create your own Data Structure using Struct

Goal: Working with OOP

Project 9

Project Nine

Objectives: Working more with classes (building a Finite State Automation/Finite State Machine)

Goal: Working with building our own data structures and OOP concepts

Project 10

Project Ten

Objectives: Building a BiStack data structure

Goal: Working with OOP, Building Data Structures, Templated Classes, etc

coming soon…

Project 11

Project Eleven


Goal: Working with OOP